Inclusive, resilient architecture that inspires sustainable ways of life

We believe our role and responsibility is to create buildings and spaces that have a light footprint or better the environment as well as have a positive impact on their occupants and users. Sustainability is not just the application of energy saving engineering solutions, it includes wellness in architecture through the use of healthy materials that do not adversely deplete the earth’s resources, the provision of access to fresh air and daylight, and the creation of spaces that promote positive behaviours, and occupant health.

Designing for the future

We believe that design can be a tool for positive change. Today, one cannot have a conversation about building without a conversation about sustainable design. Acknowledging that the construction and operation of buildings is a major contributor to climate change, we approach every project with a commitment to responsible building practices and low carbon approaches. Our aim is to create spaces that not only cater to human needs but also minimize our environmental footprint. We are committed to architectural solutions that prioritize environmental stewardship, resilience, and longevity. Sustainability isn’t an afterthought for us, it is at the core of what we do, creating spaces that not only inspire but also endure—for generations to come.

Strategic consultancy and ongoing research

We have broad experience researching and incorporating passive and active sustainable design solutions into projects, educating clients about the options for sustainable initiatives and weighing the short and long term benefits. Our projects result in a reduced carbon footprint, lower operating costs, better health conditions for users and improved occupant comfort levels.

Our strategy for sustainable and resource efficient buildings is an integrated approach that starts at the beginning of each project with consideration of the building form, siting and exposure, envelope, materials of construction, systems and equipment. We advocate the use of sustainable building practices as a matter of course, through the reuse of building elements and facilities, the use of efficient and sustainable energy systems and technologies, and the incorporation of renewable or recycled materials.

Through our research on the most progressive sustainable approaches in Scandinavia and North America, we have first hand experience with progressive design and planning that exemplifies best practices in social and environmental sustainability, climate-positive developments, and urban resilience. Sustainability can be a driver for creativity and the backbone for meaningful architecture. For us, it means taking a holistic approach and a long-term perspective – a combination of environmental and social sustainability principles. Our focus, first and foremost, is to create value for people. This means improving the quality of life, health, and wellbeing for all.