We are designers, thinkers, and innovators

Dubbeldam Architecture + Design is a multi-disciplinary design studio committed to creating thoughtful projects that embody sustainable approaches. Founded by architect Heather Dubbeldam, our studio has developed a reputation for innovative, beautifully crafted, and environmentally responsible architecture, interiors, and landscapes that support and enrich the human experience. By developing each project in response to its specific challenges, we continually seek to find a unique expression that embodies the spirit of place and people. Through rigorous exploration and challenging convention, we strive to find new solutions and approaches to address today’s challenges through design.

Forward-thinking projects at all scales

Our work ranges in scale and across various building typologies but consistently strives to reimagine. With a diverse portfolio embodying a wide range of project types that are unified in their dedication to the highest quality design, our project types range from homes, multi-unit residential projects, workspaces, hospitality, and mixed-use buildings, to landscape design and architectural installations. From Toronto’s first rowing studio to workspaces for tech companies like Slack Technologies and Travelzoo, and creatives such as Azure magazine, IDS and coworking spaces, we design environments that support innovation and creativity. Our hospitality work includes a range of projects for hotels, private clubs, and indie coffee shops that foster connection and bring people together. Our housing projects explore ways of redefining modern living, focusing on homes and multi-unit residential developments that prioritize liveability. We conduct ongoing investigations into concepts of liveability, including commissioned research into micro and co-living for Sidewalk Labs, and the development of “missing middle” prototypes for CreateTO. Central to our work is a design methodology rooted in environmental and social sustainability. This fundamental approach drives our commitment to creating spaces that are not only energy-efficient but also promote health and well-being, enhancing the way we live, work, and play.

People-centred design

At every scale, we are committed to people-centred design, social sustainability, and liveability. Our core values are deeply rooted in social impact, fostering better-built environments that prioritize the needs and experiences of those who inhabit them. Our design approach revolves around promoting well-being, understanding and translating how people engage with their physical surroundings, and what brings them joy. Embracing biophilic principles long before it became a trend, our projects incorporate ample daylighting, connectivity to natural elements, and design of people-centred spaces that inspire. Our projects seek innovative ways to establish a distinct connection to the outdoors, expanding interior spaces and providing access to nature to promote human health and wellness.

Craft and detail

Our design approach seeks to imbue our projects with character, energy, and finely crafted detail. Each project is considered from a macro to micro scale, from the full extent of the site to the fine details on the interior. Our multidisciplinary approach to architecture, interiors and landscape considers every element as an integrated whole, ensuring that design activates every aspect of the final product. We strive to create built work that is not only functional but also elegant, striking a balance between clarity and warmth, and reflecting a heightened sensitivity to materiality, craft, and the integration of natural light.

Our approach has led to the creation of spaces where distinctive form, material and colour play a powerful role. We prioritize environments integrating wood as both a building material and finish. Wood, being a renewable and carbon-neutral material, not only contributes to a healthy environment but also enhances the aesthetic richness of our projects.

Our designs are shaped by the seamless integration of natural light, a fundamental element that infuses our spaces with warmth, vitality, and a sense of connection to the outdoors. We utilize diverse techniques to maximize the presence of natural light, from strategically positioned windows and skylights to light wells and clerestory openings, creating dynamic and luminous interiors that evolve with the changing patterns of daylight. This intentional incorporation of natural light and materials not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of our projects but also contributes to the well-being of occupants.

We are passionate about quality

We believe that high-quality design can have a positive impact on people’s lives. Rooted in a strong sense of purpose, our work is driven by a pursuit of design excellence and enduring quality. For us, design excellence in architecture means striving for the highest level of quality, innovation, and effectiveness in creating built environments that enhance the human experience. We believe that design excellence is not limited to iconic or monumental structures; it can also be found in modest, everyday buildings that demonstrate thoughtful design and sensitivity to their surroundings. Our commitment to enhancing the human experience extends to creating spaces that foster connection, well-being, and a sense of place, leaving a lasting positive impact on individuals and communities alike.
Achieving design excellence requires a deep understanding of the site, context, and cultural factors, as well as a detailed exploration of users needs. We engage in a rigorous process of research, conceptualization, iteration, refinement, and collaboration among our team of architects, engineers, clients, and stakeholders to ensure that the final outcome exceeds expectations. We approach each project with a holistic perspective, considering not only aesthetic appeal but also functionality, sustainability, cultural relevance, and ability to meet the needs of users. Our goal is to produce meaningful and impactful built solutions that inspire, uplift, and enrich the lives of those who interact with them.

As a result, our practice has been recognized with over 90 awards for design excellence including the Ontario Association of Architects Best Emerging Practice Award, the Canada Council for the Arts Professional Prix de Rome, and the 2024 RAIC Architectural Practice Award, and continues to generate international recognition.


Our clients are cities, organizations, businesses, brands and individuals who all care about the built environment. Our list of services can be found here.