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As offices around the globe struggle to find solutions that will facilitate the safe return of employees over the next 12-18 months, coworking operators have an opportunity to host a new cohort of remote workers. That said, like many of our veteran coworkers, this new cohort and their employers will be looking for spaces that consider not just physical but also psychological well-being. While stepped up cleaning protocols will be relatively easy-to-manage for most spaces, physical distancing measures for shared and dedicated workstations present a challenge that could negatively impact membership revenues needed to survive. By introducing temporary desktop workspace dividers that allow for physical separation, operators can quickly return to relatively normal ratios and revenues.

As coworking space operators ourselves at Lokaal, we knew we’d need to provide dividers to encourage members to return to our space and feel safe, but we couldn’t bear the thought of contributing to all the plastic waste that acrylic dividers will be creating around the world. Not to mention the high cost of acrylic and the clinical/institutional feel they create. We turned to the award-winning commercial office designers at Dubbeldam for a more elegant, affordable and human solution.

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