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Logan Carragher


Architectural Designer

Logan is an Intern Architect and architectural designer at Dubbeldam with diverse experience in housing including single family, multi-unit, laneway, long term care, and tiny homes. His academic research into community-based housing and amenity spaces has contributed to the quality of Dubbeldam’s multi-unit residential projects, notably the Missing Middle housing pilot project for CreateTO in Toronto’s East York neighbourhood, a highly sustainable residential development designed to foster a sense of community and promote wellbeing. With a focus on people-centered spaces, Logan’s work embodies a commitment to social sustainability and wellbeing at all scales.

Logan’s keen sense of design and spatial quality, coupled with his skill in clearly illustrating architectural ideas and concepts, enhances the quality and clarity of our projects. His work on the design of Foret Cabins, an eco-cabin resort in northern Ontario, explored alternative ways to achieve the project’s high sustainability targets without compromising on the design objectives.

Logan applies his natural iterative design approach to a wide variety of our project types, rigorously developing creative design concepts that are carried through to the final construction phase, strengthening our commitment to innovation, creativity, and high-quality design.