We’ve been selected for Toronto’s pilot project on sustainable Missing Middle housing!

We are honoured to be selected to develop the City of Toronto’s first pilot project for Missing Middle Housing. The project is spearheaded by CreateTO and Build Toronto Inc. in response to the Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods (EHON) initiative to build “missing middle” demonstration projects within established neighbours in Toronto. Our team was selected to create and analyze architectural designs and project parameters that will help determine the financial feasibility of providing a highly sustainable low-rise (up to a maximum of four storeys) residential built-form typology on a City-owned site. This includes a study of building envelope and mechanical systems that achieve net-zero operational emissions or better, and use low embodied carbon materials.

The study will not only inform the feasibility of developing a missing middle project on the chosen site but also considerations for changes to the development approval process and disposition of the site and future development, including the selection of a development partner as part of the subsequent phase for the construction of the pilot project on the selected site. The processes and approaches developed through this initiative will also inform approaches to missing middle projects on other sites, both publicly and privately owned, within the City. We are excited to be the design lead on this critical initiative that will set a precedent for affordable and sustainable housing, with the intent of developing ‘gentle density’ in established neighbourhoods in Toronto.

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